About Chuck

I am now writing full-time after a career spent working as a public affairs manager for the U.S. military, nearly fifteen years with the U.S. Army and more than twenty with the U.S. Air Force. I reside in Acton, Massachusetts, with my amazing wife, Lana. We have two sons, Christopher, a student at Ohio University, and Justin, a freshman at Miami University in Ohio. We also parent an overgrown bundle of joy named Charlie, the adorable golden doodle who makes his way into a fair number of my Twitter posts.

The novel I've recently completed and for which I will seek representation in early 2023 is called The Road Disappeared Behind Us. (See more in the On the Horizon section of the site.) Last year I completed The Patience of the Just, which came out a bit too long for commercial publication. I will resume work on editing that in 2023, too. The Road Disappeared Behind Us is the fourth full-length novel I’ve written. While I haven't devoted the time and consistent effort required to publish previously, that's all changed now. No more "half-assing" it, as my late father would have said. Publishing is a serious business, and getting published is the business I'm in. In addition to my current novel and those I’ve previously written, I’ve got ideas for several more and look forward to bringing them to fruition.

During my career working for the military, I wrote countless professional articles and developed decades of experience in media relations, social media and other key facets of public relations and marketing. I am also an experienced and engaging public speaker and look forward to bringing all these skills to bear in promoting my books.

I'd be delighted to talk with people interested in my work and am always looking to connect with other writers, literary agents, editors, publishing representatives - and of course readers!

More: Chuck Paone on Twitter; Chuck Paone on LinkedIn